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Durable and Low Maintenance Renovation Ideas

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3 Durable and Low Maintenance Renovation Projects for Protecting Your Home

When it comes to protecting your home, you probably have certain provisions in place such as insurance coverage. However, did you realize there are some durable and low-maintenance projects you can perform that help you take that protection even higher? These remodeling projects below will help you to keep your home protected from different issues such as storms, natural disasters, and other circumstances that could arise.

Check out this list of renovation options for your home to see which ones might best suit your particular residence.

1. Exterior Window Ideas

Windows are considered the eyes of the home. What do your windows say right now? One easy way to protect the investment in your windows and the inside of your home is with durable exterior window ideas. There are several options that you can choose from when it comes to this update. For example, you can use a flat-stock trim so that it isn’t the focal point of the home if you don’t prefer it to be. Maybe you want the look of shutters without the hassle. False shutters are a great addition.

Choose from either darker trim than your siding or go monochrome for an even tone and appearance. If you prefer a more “old-fashioned” look to your home, consider working with colonial-style trim that is very elegant.

2. Slate Roofing

The roof of your home is the protection that keeps the outside elements from coming in. That’s why it is important to know durable ideas to do just that. One renovation option is to use composite slate roofing. This roofing material is eco-friendly, offers a variety of natural coloring, and doesn’t require a special substructure to install. Most roofs of this material carry a hefty 50-year warranty and provide high fire and storm ratings as well.

3. Cinder Block Garage

Perhaps you want a new garage for your tool shop or just a workshop. These are a great addition to your property to increase value while protecting your expensive tools. That’s where a cinder block garage comes in handy. ICF buildings are a great addition that provides high protection from the elements around them, fire, or theft. This addition is a great way to have a shop, store your vehicles during storms, or just create a man cave.

These units provide fire resistance, weather resistance, and even keep moisture out of the building. These types of buildings can also easily convert to whatever size garage you want.

When it comes to adding additions to your home that are not only durable but protective, consider these ideas mentioned above. You can save time, money, and protect your home with simple steps. Whether it’s time for a new roof or you want a garage onsite, these ideas are just the beginning of what you can accomplish! The sky’s the limit when it comes to improving your home with low-maintenance projects that protect and improve the value.


Brian Jeffries is the content director for the Innovative Building Materials blog and a content writer for the building materials industry. He is focused on helping fellow homeowners, contractors, and architects discover materials and methods of construction that save money, improve energy efficiency, and increase property value.